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Name Years at D-C What are you doing now? E-mail address
Jaye Albright 81-84 Partner, Albright & O’Malley Consulting
Lee Bayley 73-77 Retired radio programming consultant
Scott Blake 78-79 Engineer, KTBN TV
Beth Blakeman 78-79 Radio news director, writer
Gene Chenault 68-86 Deceased, Feb. 24, 2010. Rest in peace Gene, and thanks for the inspiration.  
Gary Chenault 1980
Denise Cox 77-80 Publishing Editor, in Ireland
Bill Drake 68-83 Deceased, Nov. 29, 2008. Thanks Bill, for D-C and for making great radio!  
Mark Ford 73-91 America One TV network
Cary Ginell 81-85 Megatrax Production Music
CindyJo Hinkelman 82-87 Motion picture sound editor
Steve Hoffman 75-76 Audio Restoration Specialist (see
Frank Jolley 83-86 Film Producer’s Representative
Jim Kefford 76-82 Retired, living in Rancho Mirage, CA
Dave Kephart 78-88 Co-owner, MGK Communications
Hank Landsberg 74-88 Owner, Henry Engineering
Alvin Milder 72-88 Retired
Billy Moore 73-78 "The Voice" of (Deceased, 2006. Goodbye, Billy.)
Bill Mouzis 78-79 Retired
Ron Nickell 69-74 Owner, RNP Productions
John Obringer 77-78 Sales Mgr, Regal Graphics
Jean O’Sullivan 80-83 Writer, communications, education
Joe Patrick 84-86 Owner,
Pete Perkins 76-80 Prod. Mgr, Premier Radio Networks
Kent Randles 73-79 Senior Engineer, Entercom, Portland, OR
Bobby Rich 80-81 PD/mornings, KMXZ, Tucson, AZ
Luauna Schmidt 76-78 Retired
Gary Theroux 76-79 Music & Entertainment Editor, Readers Digest
Terry Tretta 75-78 Dry cleaning magnate ("We're movin' on up....")
Barry Victor 74-78 The Victor Group
Bill Watson 78-84 Retired
Mike Williams 73-79 Custom cabinetry design and fabrication PO Box 101, Mountain Ctr, CA 92561